Bonus Episode 2 – Craig Baldwin and Other Cinema

Craig Baldwin
By Adam Young, Brian Cho, and Michael Oberst – Craig Baldwin & Other Cinema, CC BY 3.0.

It was my pleasure to interview, Craig Baldwin. Craig operates Other Cinema and Artists’ Television Access. He is a found footage collage filmmaker, activist, and film curator. Craig’s influence on contemporary filmmakers is immeasurable. I was excited to speak with him and glad that he was able to take time away from his many projects and businesses to be a guest on the podcast. Below is an excerpt from his Wikipedia page.

Craig Baldwin is an American experimental filmmaker. He uses found footage from the fringes of popular consciousness as well as images from the mass media to undermine and transform the traditional documentary, infusing it with the energy of high-speed montage and provocative commentary that targets subjects from intellectual property rights to rampant consumerism.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, please consider volunteering at ATA and Other Cinema. If you aren’t in the area and appreciate the work he and the volunteers do, please contact the ATA at (415) 824-3890 or at*@at*****.org to donate films, supplies, tools, or to make cash donations. His films can be rented at Canyon Cinema or at The Filmmaker Cooperative.

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