Bonus Episode 3 – Alan Berliner

Alan BerlinerAlan Berliner is one of the most influential contemporary experimental filmmakers. It was my pleasure to interview Alan about his films and to gain an insight into how he thinks about film, a bit about his process, and to touch on his personal involvement with his films. His films, as you’ll hear in the podcast, are personal works. I love all of his films, but if you need a place to start, find “The Sweetest Sound” and “Wide Awake” to get a sense of his style and technique. Alan’s website lists his films, other interviews, photos, installation work, and more.

Alan Berliner is an experimental documentarian who entertains, educates, and engages the viewer. He pulls you inside the story and makes it personal for you as well. He has a unique storytelling style that makes you immediately care and empathize with his characters. I also asked Alan to give filmmakers some advice, which you’ll hear toward the end of the podcast, so stay tuned for it.

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