Bonus Episode 4 – Experimental Filmmaker Dustin Rosemark

Dustin RosemarkI can’t exactly remember how I met Dustin Rosemark but it was several years ago and I was interested in his experimental film, Blue Hands Worksample. This experimental film was made entirely using the cyanotype printing process. Since that time, Dustin has created new works such as 51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind using the Lomokino hand-cranked 35mm film camera, Inferno, and more. He also operates with his wife, Amanda (also an artist) where they create and sell accessible fine art for the masses. You can purchase DVDs of “51 Fragments” and Inferno from his website.

Media Studio 1Dustin explores the world through antiquated processes such as cyanotype, 35mm film, hand processing, and other techniques that had their beginnings more than 100 years ago. I think you’ll find him fascinating to listen to and I hope you’ll explore his work. It’s well worth your time.

This podcast is over two hours long, so it’s perfect for a long walk, painting, producing your own artwork, or just chilling on a lazy afternoon. This podcast marks the end of Season One of The Experimental Film Podcast.

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