Episode 12 – Joseph Culp and Sunset Strip Self-Improvement Affirmations

Joseph CulpMy guest for Episode 12 is actor, director, producer, and experimental filmmaker, Joseph Culp. Joseph’s film, Sunset Strip Self-Improvement Affirmations, is an official selection and Festival Winner of the Experimental Film Fest (2020) held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had the pleasure of speaking to Joseph during the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic when we were both isolated (myself in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Joseph somewhere in France—I’m totally not jealous). Because of the pandemic lockdown, we had the opportunity to speak without time restriction.

Sunset Strip Self-Improvement Affirmations

Joseph is involved in and co-developed the Walking-In-Your-Shoes® body/mind process. It is described as, “A direct, powerful and highly effective sensorimotor processing technique used to access hidden information, transform obstacles, and receive personal empowerment for your life.” Sign up for free online sessions every Thursday and Sunday with Joseph Culp and Peter Davies. For more information on WIYS or any of Joseph’s work, please check out his website, josephculp.com.

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