Episode 20 – Charles Jiminez – A Fugue

Charles JiminezCharles Jiminez is a multidisciplinary Artist and Director who explores identity and unconscious influences through a surrealist, oneiric, and uncanny lens.

On “A Fugue,” Charles writes, “For me, this piece was very much a reflection of the mental inertia I was experiencing as I was conceiving the idea for the piece, and due to that experience, this piece explores the nature of time and space through a series of subconsciously linked scenarios that denote a determination or a commensuration of an encompassing force we all feel possessed by.”

A FugueYoung filmmakers continue to impress me with their attention to detail, their analyses of the psychological aspects, and their extreme understanding of the process of experimental filmmaking. To me, these young artists, like Charles Jiminez, are ushering in a new golden age of experimental and avant-garde film. As I told Charles, I’m envious of this new culture and this new wave of filmmaking. It’s a great time to be involved.

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