Episode 4 – Experimental Filmmaker Lynne Sachs Takes the Mic

Tip of My TongueIt was my pleasure to interview experimental filmmaker Lynne Sachs. Her body of work is not only vast, but her depth of knowledge of filmmaking and filmmakers is nothing short of phenomenal. Lynne is one of those rare filmmakers who you wish you could have known and worked with for the past 20 years. I love her films, her energy, and her enthusiasm for experimental film. Her work has screened at major museums. She has taught film at NYU. And her list of accolades, fellowships, collaborations, and experience rivals that of any of the now classic experimental filmmakers. You can see more of her work at lynnesachs.com.

In this episode, Lynne and I talk about several of her films, her work with Barbara Hammer, Carolee Schneemann, and Gunvor Nelson. We talk about her process, her cameras, and some specifics in her work. Once you listen to the podcast and check out her films, you’ll find out why I’m her newest (and perhaps biggest) fan.

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