Episode 5 – How to Make an Experimental Film

Archive.orgIn this episode, I give you some general instructions on how to make an experimental film. For first-time filmmakers and for those first-time experimental filmmakers, this podcast was recorded with you in mind. I give you some pointers, some resources, and an assignment.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to create a three-minute experimental film from Public Domain footage and Public Domain audio from archive.org and submit the link to your new film to me. I’ll review the films and will interview a select few of you on this podcast to discuss the experience.

There’s no time limit except for the film, which is three minutes. That’s your only guideline. Let’s see if you can take what I’ve told you and the resource material and create a cool, short experimental film. You have permission to create this. Now, go and do.

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