Episode 6 – Daniel Criblez discusses The 8ugs R 7ruit

Dan Criblez and I spoke about his film, The 8ugs R 7ruit (The Bugs are Fruit), his process, his use of water in the film, and more.

“The 8ugs R 7ruit, The wEird is normal, The dream is reality?
I have taken on the challenge to create the relationship between the realism and abstraction of everyday life. While observing the way my brain and eyes process things, I found the contrast very beautiful but odd. The concept of living the same ritual over and over with the routine we give ourselves gets repetitive. Although when eyes are closed there‚Äôs no such thing as repetition.”

Dan Criblez is a visual artist from New York who works in a wide variety of mediums including Animation/Film, Sculpture, Painting, and Drawing. Experimenting in those mediums, Dan has created surreal, abstract, figurative mind art using line and improvisation. His films have just started to branch out within the surreal abstract animation genre. His first couple of animations have traveled internationally through many film festivals. Doing freelance work for multiple musicians in Brooklyn, NY, Dan has become a music video artist as well. He studied Sculpture at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts at the University of New Haven.

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