Season 2 Episode 1 – Experimental Filmmaker Eden Poag

Everywhere at the End of TimeMaking a feature-length film isn’t easy. For that matter, making a short film isn’t easy but a feature-length film adds an extra level of complexity to filmmaking that gives me pause. Experimental filmmaker Eden Poag of Blood Mountain Productions has now completed two feature-length experimental films: Everywhere at the End of Time and Cyclical Dream Birth. Eden Poag is 14 years old. They completed their first film at 13.

It’s always exciting to speak to young filmmakers because of their fresh perspectives, their unique approaches to storytelling, their beyond-their-years intellectualism, and their humble attitudes toward filmmaking, cinema, and those who came before them. As Eden and I discuss during the podcast, it’s unfortunate that there are few, if any, opportunities for young filmmakers to explore their creativity in school or even in their own communities. I’m hoping that this is a temporary oversight and that our parents, teachers, and students demand that we afford creative pursuits for young people. There’s more to an education than reading, writing, arithmetic, and agitating bags of wind on a court or field—there’s creativity, advanced thought, and community-building.


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