Season 2 Episode 13 – Zachary Blackwell on Experimental Filmmaking

Zachary Blackwell's - A Machine for RatsOK, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted an episode but with a major move to a new house, getting settled, other projects, The North Carolina Film Festival, family, and day job obligations, it’s been a lot. That, and the fact that this interview had some sound problems. I think I’ve cropped most of them out but rest assured that this is a good interview that you should hear. Zachary Blackwell is an experimental filmmaker who also makes other films, mostly horror and thrillers. We had a great discussion about making feature-length films and I overuse the word daunting so be prepared for that. I think you’ll find Zachary engaging, knowledgeable, and thoughtful about what goes into making a film of any length. Thank you for your patience.

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