Season 2 Episode 15 – Season 2 Finale – Ken Hess

Hello everyone, I’m your podcast host, Ken Hess. Yes, finally, the Season 2 finale! It’s been a while since my last podcast. No, I don’t want to know how long. But now, it’s the end of Season 2, and next time you’ll hear Episode 1 of Season 3. This episode includes information about The Experimental Film Fest, The North Carolina Film Festival, some things I’m working on, and some notes on making your own experimental films.

Thank you for hanging in there and patiently waiting for this Season 2 finale. I think you’ll enjoy Season 3.
Remember that you can suggest a filmmaker for the podcast. You can suggest topics. And you can bring me a sponsorship or two (please).

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Season 3!

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