Season 2 Episode 2 – Experimental Filmmaker and Author Joel Schlemowitz

Dawn and Joel
Magic Lantern with Joel Schlemowitz and Dawn Elliott photographed by Rose Callahan in Brooklyn on Aug 18, 2018

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Schlemowitz for the second episode of Season 2. It was a pleasure to get Joel on the show. There were delays, on my part, due to my cross-country move and my need to get packed, move, and resettle into my new digs. I’ve done that. Joel is one of the first filmmakers I reached out to after my hackles receded from the post-move raising.

Joel Schlemowitz is a highly accomplished filmmaker who has been exhibited at many of the world’s premier locations such as museums, festivals, and at filmmaker cooperative outlets. He’s also the author of “Experimental Filmmaking and the Motion Picture Camera: An Introductory Guide for Artists and Filmmakers.”

Check out his work at:

I suggest you begin with the sites above if you want to check out his work.


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