Season 2 Episode 6 – Keisha Martin – Filmmaker

Keisha MartinKeisha Martin is an artist and filmmaker whose narrative films explore the dark and often comedic stories of women. A fond lover of the Midwest and the people who reside here, she strives to tell their stories that inspire her “midwestern gothic-esque” style. While her experimental films focus more on the creation of images utilizing different visual mediums and then digitizing them. Exploring animation, stop motion, 16mm, projection, and so on. A creative at heart Keisha strives to bring the world of filmmaking to others so that they too may find their own creative voice. Keisha and I spoke about her films, her unique film style, her process, and her ideas for films.

Commitment Issues PosterYou should check out Keisha’s work on her YouTube Channel. I think you’ll find them refreshingly different and fun. See if you can identify all the ones we discuss in the podcast. Her film, Commitment issues is an entry in The Experimental Film Fest 2021.

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