Season 2 Episode 8 – Dexter Marsh-Taylor – Artist and Filmmaker

I don't want to make art about you anymoreIf the name Dexter Marsh-Taylor sounds familiar to you, it should. Dexter was a guest last season. This year he has new projects and a renewed energy for his latest pair of films that he’s circulating through the wonderful worldwide array of film festivals. This year, he submitted two films: A Quiet Declaration of Independence and I don’t want to make art about you anymore.

His film, Not an Orphan, was an Official Selection and premiered at last year’s Experimental Film Fest.

I use archival media, slow cinema, and narrative methods to investigate family history, nostalgia, and emotional geography. By contextualizing places and loved ones, I explore the relationships between sentiment and environment.

My films encompass documentary, narrative, and the space in between. I strive to utilize filmic and photography mediums as well as physical documents and memorabilia to reflect on life experiences in an effort to create relatable stories.

A Quiet Declaration of IndependenceIn this year’s podcast, Dexter discusses his two new films, directing, his inspirations, and his passion for film, and even some new projects on the horizon.

This podcast is just over one hour long, is safe for work, and for all audiences.

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