Season 3 Episode 11 – Visual Artist and Experimental Filmmaker Natasa Prosenc Stearns

Natasa Prosenc Stearns graduated in design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She first worked as a graphic designer. After receiving a Fulbright scholarship, she went to Los Angeles to specialize, where she studied film and video production at the California Institute of the Arts. Prosenc Stearns is a director, screenwriter, editor, and visual artist, but she mainly works with video installation.

In her films, she explores new techniques and visual expression. In her videos, she uses the effects of textures and natural elements, especially water, which erodes and dissolves its immediate surroundings in an ongoing process. She creates a series of images that combine contradictions such as beauty and decay, carefreeness and discomfort, attention and dreaminess, and tension and balance. Natasa lives and works in Los Angeles and Ljubljana.

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