Season 3 Episode 13 – Interdisciplinary Artist and Experimental Filmmaker Jessica Parnell

Jessica Parnell is one of the most fun guests I’ve ever interviewed on the podcast. She and I need our own BBC talk show featuring interviews, short experimental films, and just crazy talk. We’d also explore some of our ideas live, on camera, while our audience comes along for the ride. This interview is over two hours long and took a few weeks to edit, but it’s worth it. You’ll enjoy Jessica’s fresh perspectives on art and experimental filmmaking. She is a Psychotherapist in England and enjoys many different types of self-expression. You’ll find her films available on YouTube and Instagram.

Jessica’s short experimental films are humorous, fun, fast-moving, and some are borderline erotic. She has a lot of fun with full-body action and video collage. You’ll enjoy the pace of her work and its intricate details. After listening to the podcast and checking out her work, you too will become a fast fan.

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