Season 3 Episode 2 – Filmmaker Chris Byrne

Chris Byrne is an MFA Film & TV Directing student at DePaul University. He typically writes/directs comedies but is interested in anything that explores the topic of vulnerability. Chris and I discussed his film, A Creative’s Path: A Collection of Lessons, and his other work, which he entered into The Experimental Film Fest. His artist statement is intriguing, so I’m excerpting it here to explain his perspective on experimental filmmaking.

My original idea was to have characters speak the haikus as their dialogue, but I couldn’t nail down what I wanted the film to be about. So, the idea was dormant until I took Experimental Filmmaking 1 here at DePaul. Experimental filmmaking is not really my jam. Not that I have anything against it; I just didn’t get it. So, I struggled to come up with ideas for the class, so much so that it was anxiety-inducing. That’s when the lightbulb finally clicked in my head.

I wanted this film to be about what I’ve learned about being an artist over the years. The lessons are the haikus. Some of them are funny. Some are sad. But I hope that they connect with the other artists who watch it. I know I’m not the only one who’s gone through the trials of being an artist, so if I can make a film that can resonate with everyone who has, then the film has done its job.

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