Season 3 Episode 9 – French Filmmaker Enora Keller

Enora Keller is a French mixed-media artist, filmmaker, and experimental theater actress. We spoke on various film topics and her experiences in college that shaped her art.

**CONTENT WARNING: This podcast contains dialog about sexual assault.**

Enora’s artist statement: I am my own lab rat. I explore the damaged lands of the self, facing its multiple mirrors. I instinctively try to expose the fissures of perception, these white holes suspended in matter. I am also a traveler, trying to move within the self through physical movement. I seek to highlight the nomadic reflections of a blurred identity. I find myself questioning the theatrical scene of our social anthropology, between alteration, evolution, destruction and reproduction. My goal is to stage the chosen materials (bodies, photographic materials, words, noises…) so that the viewer can experience the oscillations of the self, where space becomes the architecture of these internal movements.

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